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Corr Recruitment is an employment agency offering services in the London area. But we are nothing like the other temp agencies in London. At Corr recruitment, we make it a point to get to know all our clients and form lasting relationships that benefit us all. We are efficient and will find what you need in a timely fashion, making the business of finding and offering temporary jobs a piece of cake.

We specialize in connecting with clients all across the city and learning about their needs. By doing so, we ensure that we only find the very best candidates for the vacancies our clients need to be filled. Only when we find the perfect match do we connect the potential employer and employee. At Corr Recruitment, we make no mistakes.

Potential candidates go through a similar process. We get to know them, their qualifications, aspirations, and preferences. Then we find out exactly which employer will suit them best.

Looking for Temp Staff in London?

As one of the fastest-growing temp agencies in London, we cover the transport, industrial, and commercial sectors. If you need help finding temporary staff in any of them, we are the best choice you can make.

We like to start the process by meeting with you and getting to know you. Our reliable and experienced personnel will ask all the right questions to help us learn all about you. Our goal is to find out as much about your company as possible, as that will help us find the staff you need.

Knowing the types of assignments you give, their duration, the paycheck you offer, and the type of expertise you need is the most important. After we gather all that information, we will be ready to search for candidates that fit your needs the best. Our dedication to the screening process is what makes us one of the best temp agencies in London.

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The Benefits of Temp Staffing in London

As the best temp agency in London, we know all the benefits temp staffing has for your business:

Lower Costs

Temp staffing can save your company a lot of money. You have no cost of advertising for candidates. Also, no severance or termination pay is required after the employee leaves your company. If the workload decreases, you don’t need to pay the full salary, as the employee was never a full-time one.

Fast Help When You Need It the Most

Sometimes, production hits a peak that your regular employees simply cannot manage on their own. When this happens, you can hire temporary workers that can help these periods run smoothly. They can complete simpler tasks, allowing your regular staff to focus on more important tasks at hand.

Staff for Special Projects

If you are working on special projects, you probably need experts with specific skills and knowledge. But when the project is over, you will not need them any longer, which means that hiring them full-time would not make sense. Hiring them temporarily emerges as the perfect solution. You can have them work on the project for as long as it lasts and then let them go when it is done.

Looking for Temp Jobs in London?

If you want to find some temporary work in the London area, Corr Recruitment is the best temp agency in London. Whatever position you wish to fill, we will ensure your talents don’t go to waste.

We will get to know you through a complex but necessary screening program. Since there are numerous job opportunities out there, we will find the ones that suit you best. Our main goal is to connect you with potential employers so their needs and your skills fit perfectly. Though that might seem impossible, with our experience and track record, it is anything but.
Contact us today, and the best temp agency in London will find you a position you’ve been dreaming of.

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Why choose us for you temp job?

At Corr Recruitment we take all your skills and knowledge into account when choosing the right company. As such, we try to find employers for you that will not only benefit from your area of expertise, but also teach you new abilities.

We believe that you are as important as the company that is looking to hire. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making sure that you are happy with your new job. So you can count on Corr Recruitment agency in London, the most successful temp agency London has to offer, to find you the perfect job.

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