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If you’re on the search for a recruitment agency in Swindon, then Corr Recruitment is pleased to offer a wide range of jobs covering a variety of sectors and industries. We offer a variety of both long and short-term contracts – we’re proud to assist all individuals regardless of their specialism, experience, knowledge or qualifications.

Corr Recruitment was founded back in 2001, and we’ve grown into one of the best job agencies in Swindon. We’re proud to say that we’re now one of the UK’s fastest expanding recruitment agencies and offer our services across ten branches up and down the UK. The Corr Recruitment Swindon team is highly experienced. We work with many clients, both locally and nationwide. We are proud of our impeccable track record in creating long-lasting, stable and productive relationships between candidate and client. Corr Recruitment has always emphasised the need for an agile recruitment service which caters to the fast-developing pace and dynamics of the UK job landscape. We have understood that the UK job landscape has been relatively volatile over the last 20 years and as a recruitment firm, we have always been first on hand to react to forthcoming changes in employment necessities within companies and businesses.

Our Journey and Mission Statement

Corr Recruitment offers a superb track record in uniting candidates with clients in various roles and sectors including, but not limited to, the commercial sector, the industrial sector, the hospitality sector and the transport sector. We work with clients to source individuals for many short-term roles as well as those who require long-term employees, or those with niche, expert or specialist skills. Our ability to recruit for an array of both typical and non-typical positions means that we can cover the full spectrum of employment needs for our clients. As a result, we’ve built strong relationships with many clients, not just in Swindon but across the whole of the UK. 

What We Do

Corr Recruitment’s primary drive in the recruitment industry is catering to the rapid shifts in the UK’s job market. We understand that many businesses and companies are now required to hire a plethora of niche individuals with skills in technical fields such as IT, science and technology. Since our origins, Corr Recruitment has kept a close analysis of the UK job landscape. As such, we’ve been one of the first recruiters to act on significant changes and developments that have shaped the needs and necessities of businesses and companies. We work with candidates to help fulfil their career ambitions and inspire them to achieve new potentials within both familiar and unfamiliar sectors and industries.


We’ve built and maintained many excellent relationships with industrial clients since our foundation in 2001. We’re always looking for individuals to fill jobs within the industrial sector including, but not limited to, picking and packing, warehousing, assembling, machine controllers, administration staff management and HR staff amongst many other positions.


Corr Recruitment has established many long-term links with transport businesses up and down the UK. We’re always on the search for those suitable for full driving jobs in Swindon, and outside of it, these include many HGV driving jobs in Swindon; class 1 and Class 2 drivers and delivery drivers as well as specialist or industrial vehicle drivers and forklift drivers. We consider drivers of all levels of experience so long as they have fewer than six points on any valid UK driving licence and a valid CPC.


Commercial industries are broad and diverse encompassing many roles, including that of customer service, telecommunications, management, admin and HR positions. Corr Recruitment is always on the lookout for individuals to work in commercial roles on both short and long-term contracts.


The hospitality industry demands employees both all year round and seasonally. Corr Recruitment understands the shifting seasonal dynamics of the hospitality industry and accordingly, we help businesses and companies recruit individuals for busy periods. We offer both seasonal part-time jobs in Swindon and full-time jobs. 


Compliance is taken incredibly seriously at Corr Recruitment. We go the extra mile in ensuring compliance across each and every one of our businesses decisions. 

  • We take every single workplace accident and issue exceptionally seriously and process each and everyone with maximum consideration and care for all involved
  • We run an advanced successful accident reduction program 
  • We run a drug counselling programme 

On-Site Recruitment in Swindon

At Corr Recruitment we understand and value that driving business success takes the right kind of people. Our team is here to provide comprehensive on-site recruitment services in Swindon. We work in busy city centres and local communities, ideally placed to understand and meet your company’s unique on-site recruitment needs.

Being able to offer this service to the Swindon economy represents high-tech industries and commercial services. The Corr Recruitments Swindon branch will offer its clients a specialist service within this niche market. We offer you a consultative approach and work very closely with you to understand your business goals and the competencies you would require in potential candidates. Our team identifies professionals who with ease may be integrated into your operations and jointly increase the achievement of strategic goals. With the help of us, you will be able to easily navigate through the complexities of on-site recruitment and secure talents that will help take your business to another level.

Corr Recruitment – much more than just another recruitment agency: we are your strategic partner for professional workforce management. Our on-site services in Swindon ensure, that wherever you are, a seamless recruitment solution is only a moment away. Ready to help push your business to new heights, choose Corr Recruitment today for excellence in on-site recruitment.


Corr Recruitment is Swindon’s top recruitment agency. We’ve worked with many clients and candidates over the years and are extremely pleased with the long-term successful relationships that we have helped them forge. We offer our recruitment services not just to Swindon but to various parts of the UK and we’re always happy to help and assist new candidates and clients in solving their recruitment needs. We’ve grown into one of the most reliable employment agencies in Swindon. If you’d like to meet the team or get started with Corr Recruitment, then please feel free to pop into our Swindon branch or otherwise, you can use our online job search function to browse jobs both locally and nationwide.