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Corr Recruitment is one of the UK’s fastest developing recruitment agencies. We operate online and via multiple sites across the UK. Our Newbury-based recruitment agency serves Newbury and the surrounding area, we’ve created excellent relationships with a whole host of local businesses as well as those placed up and down the country from a diverse selection of sectors and industries. Corr Recruitment has come a long way since our formation in 2001, we have now built a fantastic track record with many clients and we pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with both client and candidate.

Our recruitment team can assist you in finding jobs in Newbury and the surrounding areas. Our team combines local knowledge with considerable experience in sourcing individuals for roles across various sectors. For recruitment agencies in Newbury, Corr Recruitment offers our excellent solutions for both clients and candidates.


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Our Journey and Mission Statement

Corr Recruitment is a modern recruitment company that understands the dynamics of rapidly developing sectors and industries. We are at the cutting edge of recruitment, we can source hard-to-find individuals for specialist or technical roles in many industries ranging from commercial and transport to industrial and technology. Many existing recruitment agencies have failed to adapt to the shifting nature of the UK’s job market but Corr Recruitment is not the same, we’ve kept our ears firmly to the ground and when it comes to adapting, we’re the first on the scene to react. We have recruitment offices around the UK and one such location is Newbury where we also provide a job search and local Newbury job search to help candidates quickly access available roles in the local area.  

What We Do

While there are many employment agencies Newbury, Corr Recruitment focuses on building long-lasting recruitment relationships between candidates and clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to discover the skills and aspirations of everyone who comes through our doors to best link them with employers that can foster their skill sets. With clients, we maintain an exceptional track record when discovering candidates for all sorts of roles on temporary contracts and long term or fixed contracts. Our candidate screening process goes the extra mile compared to our competitors and this allows us to make the best connections to benefit both the candidate and the client.  

Our Newbury agency provides all manner of jobs including temporary jobs in Newbury, driving jobs in Newbury and many long term contract jobs in Newbury across sectors and industries including hospitality, commercial, industrial and transport.


Corr Recruitment is an excellent Newbury recruitment agency that has considerable experience in finding candidates for many industrial jobs. We work with forklift drivers, industrial managers, technicians, human resources and warehouse operatives amongst many other diverse roles within industry and warehousing, etc. We pride ourselves on our ability to source specialist individuals for complex or technical roles.  


Corr Recruitment provide a number of specialist driver jobs, including HGV jobs Newbury for forklift drivers, class 1 and class 2 drivers, etc. We select candidates for many types of driving jobs including long-haul and deliveries. Working with logistics companies situated both in Newbury and around the UK, we have built a high-quality track record for all types of transport work. We consider drivers of all experience so long as they have a valid CPC and no more than 6 points on their licence.  


The commercial recruitment landscape is fast-developing, diverse and competitive. We work with many commercial businesses in Newbury and across the UK and with a highly competitive placement fee, we work with many vacancies across various commercial sectors. We are adept at sourcing highly skilled individuals for a variety of typical and non-typical roles.


Corr Recruitment works with hospitality clients in the Newbury area to provide a variety of short-term or seasonal jobs as well as permanent roles. Our knowledge of the fast pace of work in the hospitality industry means we’re quick to react to seasonal changes in demand, particularly around Christmas time or New Year.  


Compliance is integral to our recruitment agency. We take compliance seriously at Corr Recruitment to maintain the highest standards we uphold in every business decision.  

  • We will process workplace accidents quickly 
  • Our accident reduction programme is successful and we provide training and advice for most roles  
  • We provide a drug awareness programme to our candidates 


Corr Recruitment is a modern and flexible recruitment agency that operates out of our recruitment office in Newbury Berkshire amongst other UK locations. We’ve built strong relationships with many candidates and clients across various sectors and industries. Our team is highly experienced, combining expert recruitment knowledge with customer service and dedication to all those we work with. If you’re looking for job vacancies in Newbury, please feel free to contact us in person at our Newbury office to discover what we can do for you. You can also look on our website job search to find jobs in Newbury and other areas of the UK.