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Corr Recruitment serves the capital of London and its surrounding suburbs and counties. London is home to one of the most diverse working populations in the world, covering a phenomenal array of sectors and industries spanning many of the world’s most essential businesses and brands. London’s recruitment landscape is therefore predictably hugely dynamic and complex, hosting almost every position, workplace and job post imaginable. Corr Recruitment aids businesses and companies in tapping into the enormous workforce London has to offer. We also help our candidates find roles suitable for them, something which can be extremely tricky to do given the vast quantity of jobs available at all times.


Recruitment Agency in London

Corr Recruitment formed back in 2001, and we now operate a number of recruitment agencies across the London area including in Hayes, Wembley, Enfield, Hemel Hempsead and West London. We’re well placed to assist jobseekers in finding jobs across an array of sectors and industries throughout the capital and have specialist knowledge in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, the hospitality industry, the transport industry and the commercial sector.




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We also cover Wembly and Greenford the North and North West London areas as well as the capital itself. As a suburban district of London, Wembley is very close to the centre and easily accessed via various public transport. The Wembley team offers an array of full-time and part-time jobs including a host of driving jobs in London.


Corr Recruitment Agency London also covers Hayes . With an array of part-time and full-time jobs available on short and long-term contracts, our Hayes branch is adept at linking candidates with jobs in industries from both Hayes and the central London area.

West London

We also have a dedicated West London branch, serving the suburban and central London areas. The West London branch provides jobs in commercial, industrial and transport sectors, e.g. HGV drivers in London, warehouse and manufacturing staff of all types, management, admin and HR staff.



Corr Recruitment places enormous importance in the role of compliance across all of our offices and business decisions.

  • Corr Recruitment runs training and accident reduction programmes which successfully improve the rates and severity of workplace accidents
  • We run drug advice programmes and counselling for those suffering from drug issues at work
  • We go the extra mile in screening each and every candidate and assessing their suitability for roles


What Our Recruitment Agency in London Can Do For You


For Clients

Corr Recruitment works with clients to help them adapt to the UK’s dynamic job recruitment landscape. We understand that the UK job market has been tremendously volatile in the last 10 to 20 years. Since our formation in 2001, we’ve kept our finger on the pulse of past, present and future shifts in the recruitment needs of businesses and companies up and down the UK. This has placed Corr Recruitment Agency London at the forefront of the UK recruitment industry. We have therefore developed an impeccable track record over our 20 years in business, and have successfully fostered many long-term relationships between candidates and clients. We are pleased to offer our recruitment services to the London area and its suburbs, including in Hayes, Wembley and West London.


If you’re a client looking to hire, then Corr Recruitment can effectively assist your business’s recruitment operations and source the best candidates for a variety of job roles. We are adept at sourcing candidates for an array of both typical and non-typical roles including hard-to-find niche or otherwise specialist individuals.


For Candidates

Corr Recruitment goes the extra mile in assisting candidates in finding the jobs that they love. We are always pleased to help candidates locate work not just in the sectors and industries that they are already familiar with but potentially also in new and exciting industries and sectors that they may or may not have considered before. We work with everyone from every background, skill level, qualification level and level of experience. This includes individuals who are searching for niche hard-to-find, complex or technical roles. Some of our most popular London roles include driving jobs and HGV jobs; we’re the best driving jobs agency in West London.


Corr Recruitment Agency London places the needs and requirements of both candidates and clients first. We believe in fostering long-lasting, productive relationships that help both candidates and clients. We fulfil their personal and business goals, visions and targets. Our friendly team is always on hand to deal with anything ranging from questions about recruiting with Corr Recruitment to the many permanent and temporary jobs that we offer. We offer an online job search function, allowing you to search for jobs that fit your criteria quickly. Alternatively, you can come into one of our offices up and down the UK to speak to one of our friendly recruitment advisors in person.