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Corr Recruitment is a well-established recruitment agency operating within Andover and the surrounding areas. We have grown to become one of the UK’s fastest-growing employment agencies and one of the best recruitment agency in Andover. We have quickly established an outstanding reputation and track record amongst both candidates and clients across multiple sectors and industries. Corr Recruitment began life as a small team back in 2001, but we’ve now grown to spread across the UK, including our Andover branch.


Recruitment Agency in Andover

Our recruitment agency team in Andover is very experienced and have adept knowledge of many industries. We provide a vast selection of jobs covering a diverse range of roles across sectors. We’re exceptionally well placed to source candidates for a variety of roles both locally and further afield. With local knowledge and considerable experience of the UK job landscape, we’re one step ahead of the competition. We have excelled ourselves and our competition in the modern recruitment sector. All this makes us one of the top recruitment agencies in Andover.

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Our Journey and Mission Statement

Corr Recruitment Agency Andover provides agile and adaptive recruitment solutions. We pay rigorous attention to the modern job market. We decided to combine traditional recruitment with our knowledge on how sectors develop within technology, science, commercial and education industries, amongst others. As businesses modernise, so does their demand for highly qualified and skilled individuals – Corr Recruitment took due notice of this.

Traditional job agencies have tended to fail in adapting to rapid technological advancement and the new demands placed upon businesses to adapt to a more digital age. At Corr Recruitment, we have kept our finger on the switch and have always been quick to react for the benefit of the candidates and clients we serve. At Corr Recruitment Agency Andover we link candidates with clients for a variety of typical and non-typical roles. We also provide a local job search to help candidates quickly search for jobs near them.

What Our Recruitment Agency in Andover Can Do For You

Corr Recruitment’s primary focus is creating long-lasting relationships between every client and candidate that comes through our doors. We excel in our ability to discover the best traits and skills from each and every candidate to assist them in applying to the best roles that suit their profiles. We offer many typical roles in warehousing, driving, labour and retail but also many non-typical roles. You may be surprised by what we can offer you. We inspire candidates with positions they may not have considered. This is a testament to our skills in going below the surface when assessing the skills and talents of a candidate. We offer a class-leading screening process which enables us to be incredibly precise when suggesting potential candidates to clients. So whether you’re looking for part-time jobs in Andover or for a full-time position, get in touch today.


Corr Recruitment agency in Andover covers a vast plethora of industrial roles that include warehouse operatives, industrial controllers, operators and managers, human resources and maintenance technicians. Our knowledge of the industrial sector is considerable, and our team is adept at putting candidates in touch with a variety of temporary or long-term roles within the industry.


The transport industry demands a diverse selection of drivers for both long and short term positions in Andover and up and down the UK. Corr Recruitment is always on the lookout for a variety of drivers for HGV jobs, class 1 and class 2 drivers and forklift or other industrial vehicle drivers. Are you looking for driver jobs in Andover? We consider any level of experience, so long as you have no more than 6 points on your licence then contact us to learn about our transport jobs.


The commercial sector is continuously developing with the rise of technology and new forms of retail. Corr Recruitment is always searching for candidates for our commercial clients and given that we offer a highly competitive placement fee, we can provide many vacancies across the industry.


The hospitality sector requires individuals not just permanently but seasonally to meet rising seasonal demands across Christmas and New Year. Corr Recruitment has significant experience in providing hospitality candidates to roles both over short and long terms. 


Compliance is a crucial component of recruitment and Corr Recruitment take it very seriously. We pride ourselves on an impeccable compliance record and maintain the highest standards in every business decision. We take extensive measures to guarantee our compliance and we uphold high standards of company conduct and ethics.

  • Workplace accidents are processed with the utmost care and attention
  • We run a successful accident reduction programme
  • We also offer drug awareness counselling programmes

On-Site Recruitment in Andover

At Corr Recruitment we understand and value that driving business success takes the right kind of people. Our team is here to provide comprehensive on-site recruitment services in Andover. We work in busy city centres and local communities, ideally placed to understand and meet your company’s unique on-site recruitment needs.

The thriving businesses in Andover require a staff of high calibre to be able to sustain growth and innovation. Our Andover branch is poised to provide just that in supporting your business with tailored on-site recruitment solutions, at the very heart of what the local job market needs. What makes us proud is our in-time capability and effort to connect businesses with the right kind of people. Our dedicated recruitment process covers skill assessments, personality testing, and intensive interviews to make the combination of your needs and the ability plus aspirations of our candidates perfect.

Corr Recruitment – much more than just another recruitment agency: we are your strategic partner for professional workforce management. Our on-site services in Andover ensure, that wherever you are, a seamless recruitment solution is only a moment away. Ready to help push your business to new heights, choose Corr Recruitment today for excellence in on-site recruitment.


We have built strong relationships with many candidates and clients across various sectors and industries. We are pleased to offer a diverse selection of job roles, both permanent and temporary, in Andover and the surrounding areas. Corr Recruitment Agency Andover offers many recruitment solutions from for the local job market. We are always happy to deal with queries from both prospective candidates and clients. Our longstanding relationships with clients are indicative of our ability to provide candidates for a variety of standard and non-standard roles. Feel free to check out our job search or to contact us at our Andover office either by phone, email or in person.