Recruitment Agencies Wembley

Corr Recruitment’s recruitment agency in Wembley serves the North West London area. We’re a fast-developing agency who offer a host of both local and national jobs across various sectors. If you’re looking for a recruitment agency in Wembley, then our specialist recruiters have expert knowledge of many industries and sectors including industrial, hospitality, commercial, technology and transport.

Our recruitment journey started back in 2001 when we identified a gap in the recruitment market for innovative and fast-paced recruiters that understand the demands of recruiting in the modern era. We’ve always been quick to react to industry changes and understand the rigours of recruiting in modernised industries and sectors. 

In Wembley, Corr Recruitment has both candidates and clients covered for work across any sector and industry. We’ve maintained excellent standards throughout all of our operations and now have an established record in helping both candidate and clients solve their work and recruitment needs. 

Our Journey and Mission Statement

Corr Recruitment has accelerated since we began and we’re now one of the UK’s fastest-growing recruitment agencies. We keep an eye on the latest developments in the recruitment industry and the UK job market as a whole. This has allowed us to remain a step ahead of the competition, benefiting both candidates and clients. We’ve now built exceptional track records with many clients and have successfully linked candidates with many job roles across various sectors. We work with candidates from all backgrounds, levels of qualification and skill levels and have many jobs available on a variety of short and long term contracts with immediate starts.

Please feel free to pop in for a chat with our staff to get started and applying for job roles with Corr Recruitment. 

What We Do

Corr Recruitment work with clients across various sectors and industries to discover candidates to fill a number of typical and non-typical roles. We’ve established connections with many clients and candidates which are long-lasting and highly successful and now, we’re better placed than ever to link candidates with various jobs on various contracts in various industries. We can fill both typical roles for temporary or seasonal work or source hard-to-find long-term niche individuals. We’re adept at sourcing individuals for all manner of roles and pride ourselves on our ability to go below the surface when discovering the best jobs for candidates. We can locate jobs for candidates both in Wembley and across the North and North West London area, but we also operate offices up and down the UK and can help candidates find jobs in other regions if they need.


We work with many industrial clients both in Wembley and North West London, across the capital and across the entire UK. Our positions cover everything ranging from machinery and manufacturing controllers to industrial, vehicle drivers, pickers and packers, managers, admin and HR staff, as well as skilled engineers or other technicians. 


Corr Recruitment’s transport clients operate up and down the UK. We’ve established an excellent track record working with all clients on a variety of contracts. We work with long and short-haul drivers, drivers of specialist or industrial vehicles, class 1 or class 2 drivers and delivery drivers of all kinds. You need a full UK driving licence and no more than 6 points on your driver’s licence with a valid CPC. 


The commercial landscape is broad and complex encompassing various sectors and all types of roles ranging from customer service to telecommunications, management, HR and IT. Corr Recruitment work with all facets of the commercial industry and have gained many great relationships with a diverse array of clients. 


The hospitality industry is extremely fast-paced and demands a large number of short term and long term workers for all-year-round work or seasonal work. Workloads can grow particularly intense of the Christmas period – Corr Recruitment is quick to react to sudden surges of demand. 


Compliance is a central priority for Corr Recruitment, and we take it extremely seriously. We’ve developed an exceptional compliance record. 


  • We treat workplace accidents with maximum sincerity and deal with them as quick as possible
  • Our accident reduction programmes are effective at reducing dangers in various workplaces
  • We are always on hand to assist and advise on the best course of action for both candidates and clients including on sensitive subjects like drug use in the workplace 


Corr Recruitment’s central ethos combines with our excellent technical competence to create a recruitment agency that has remained at the cutting edge for almost two decades. We offer many types of jobs across all sectors, nothing lies out of our grasp and we’re pleased to offer our full spectrum of recruitment services to both candidates and clients – Corr Recruitment is one of the leading employment agencies in Wembley. Please, come to visit our Wembley recruitment agency to register with us and get started, or check out local jobs on our job search to quickly apply for jobs in your local area.