Making the most of your time!


Using your time wisely – We all have 24 hours in a day, no more and no less – it is what we do with this time that makes the difference.

Choose the best time of day for you

Some of us are morning larks and other night owls.  Think about the times of day that you are most productive or most creative and use that time to focus on those tasks.

Use the Eisenhower Matrix

You want to power through your to-do list as quickly and as painlessly as possible…It can be tempting to try and get as much done as you can straight away, but you really need to take time to clear your headspace so that you don’t end up spending time on all the wrong things.  The Eisenhower Matrix is a great way to figure out your to do list – get it down on paper and it will feel far more manageable.

Box 1: Urgent and important – Do these straight away!

Box 2: Urgent but not important – Do these straight after the actions in box 1

Box 3: Not urgent but important – Set aside a time to complete these actions

Box 4: Not Urgent and not important – only do these once you have cleared all of the above actions

The urgency of a task is determined by its deadline and the importance is determined by how crucial the task is.

Get some exercise

Instead of rushing home after work, take some time to do exercise.  Go for a walk, bike ride, gym class, whatever you can do to be active.  This might seem like a strange suggestion when you don’t feel like you have the time to squeeze everything in, but it will help you process the day and believe it or not, and as promoted by Joe Wicks the Body Coach, will provide you with energy – making it far easier to carry out those tasks in the evening.

Structure your free time

It sounds odd but having a sense of purpose and focus during our free time keeps us happy.  You might set aside an hour to clean the house or reorganize your wardrobe – before you know it you’ve completed the activity that you’ve been putting off for ages and have a real sense of accomplishment!  Likewise having two hours just to do nothing and knowing that time is for exactly that should take away the anxiety of feeling like you should be doing something productive.


I bet you don’t even realise how much you spend on social media sites.  It’s easily done – so to stop yourself mindlessly scrolling through, set a limit so that you get a reminder once you’ve reached your limit for the day.

Be your own cheerleader

You spend 24/7 with yourself so make sure when you speak to yourself you talk in a way you would do to a friend.  Be kind to yourself and positive.

How do you make the best use of your time?  We’d love for you to share with us! Get in touch.