Temp Agency in Newbury

Temp Agency in Newbury

We are Corr Recruitment, the best temp agency in Newbury. Whether you are looking for temporary staff for your company or some temporary work in the area, we are your top choice. Our dedication, experience, and track record make us different from any other temp agencies Newbury has ever seen.

At Corr, our main goal is to get to know our clients and their needs well. By building lasting and close relationships with the companies we work with, we ensure they get the best temp staff in the area. We operate promptly and find potential employees efficiently every time.

You can rest assured that we only connect the employers and employees that are a perfect match. We dedicate time and resources to a complex screening process for candidates, and our dedication pays off. We make no mistakes, so success is always a given.

Looking for Temp Staff in Newbury?

If you are looking for temporary staff in the transport, commercial, or industrial sector, we are one of the best temp agencies in Newbury. We are so successful because of one simple reason: we get to know our clients rather well.

Our experienced and reliable personnel will meet with you and ask you an array of questions. We want to know everything: what assignments you give to employees, what the duration of said assignments is, how big the paycheck is, and so on. By gathering that information, we will form the image of a perfect candidate that meets all your requirements.

Then, through another screening process, we will select the best employee to fill the vacancy at your company. You can rest assured that we will only connect you with a candidate that fits your needs perfectly. Our dedication and expertise allow for no mistakes.

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The Benefits of Temp Staffing in Newbury

Since we are the best temp agency in Newbury and the surrounding areas, we know all the benefits of temp staffing:

It is Cost-Efficient

Hiring temporary help can save your company a lot of money. Firstly, you will have to pay no severance fees when you let the staff go after you no longer need their services. Secondly, you will spend no money on ads or interviews you would usually need to conduct to find full-time workers.

It Offers You Fast Help When You Need It the Most

There are certain times where production and demand soar, and your regular staff can’t manage the workload on its own. At times like those, you can hire temporary staff that can take care of simple tasks your regulars don’t have time for.

It Lets You Do Special Projects

When you are doing one-time projects, you usually need temp staff with a special skill set. What’s great about temp workers is that you can let them go as soon as you no longer need their skills and knowledge, without any additional termination pay.

Looking for Temp Jobs in Newbury?

As one of the leading temp agencies in Newbury, we’re the top choice if you’re looking for a temporary job. We will ensure all your talents are utilized to the max no matter which position you are looking to fill.

At Corr, we have a complex screening process for candidates, and that helps us get to know you well. We have to know all about your experience, education, wishes, and preferences to connect you with the best possible employers. Our goal is to find a client whose needs fit your talents perfectly. Others might consider that impossible, but that word does not exist in our vocabulary.

Contact one of the best temp agencies in Newbury today. Together, we will find you a position you have always dreamed about.

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Why choose us for you temp job?

At Corr Recruitment we take all your skills and knowledge into account when choosing the right company. As such, we try to find employers for you that will not only benefit from your area of expertise, but also teach you new abilities.

We believe that you are as important as the company that is looking to hire. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making sure that you are happy with your new job. So you can count on Corr Recruitment agency in Newbury, the most successful temp agency Newbury has to offer, to find you the perfect job.

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