Did you know?

20% of workers in Great Britain say they will leave their jobs in the next year

58% of workers and recent retirees applied for at least one job in the last 5 years

11% of individuals described their candidate experience as bad

80% of individuals were not asked for their feedback on the application/job interview

20% of people who elected to withdraw from the recruitment process did so because they felt that the hiring process was taking too long.

What improvements could be made and reminders for employers.

  • Potential employees want to be clear on their understanding of where they fit within the organisation
  • Ensure that your Hiring Managers have received training on interviewing skills
  • Interviewing should not be a box ticking exercise
  • Invite feedback on the recruitment process
  • Always provide feedback to both successful and unsuccessful candidates
  • Remember; The probation period works both ways

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Source: rec.co.uk