Times of uncertainty can take its emotional toll on us.  Mindfulness is a method which can re connect us to the present moment and help us focus – with a few small shifts in our thinking it can have a positive effect on our lives.

Here are a few tips and reminders whilst working.

  • Be present:  Practice setting your mind at the start of each day to one of being as present as best as you can.  When your mind wanders and gets lost in your own thoughts keep bringing it back to the task at hand, stay present.
  • Breathing exercises:  Breathing exercises throughout the day will increase oxygen to the brain which will help improve alertness and focus.
  • Remember to rest:  You wouldn’t go a week without sleeping in the hope you would get more done.  A couple of mindfulness exercises during the course of your day can really improve your productivity.
  • Posture: For many our working areas have changed, particularly if you are now working from home.  Make sure that you have your computer screen, work area and seating set up correctly.  Sit comfortably, with your feet on the floor, without strain.
  • Reduce information overload: It’s vital to stay informed but there is so much misinformation around.  Stick to trustworthy sources and try to limit the amount of times you check for updates.
  • Remember that things don’t always go to plan: Mindfulness will help with the ability to meet changes and challenges and work to find solutions.
  • Try something new in your spare time:  or something you haven’t made time for recently.  Picking up that book you just haven’t got around to reading, try a new form of exercise – there are lots of video tutorials online that you can do in your home or the garden during these challenging times, baking, crafting… when you start to think about it, the list is endless.

Mindfulness has been shown to improve our productivity, stress levels and overall well being.  To find out more about mindfulness, you can gain more information here:



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