Some interesting information shared in the REC Jobs Outlook this month regarding all things recruitment and employment.
Here are some of the key points identified in the survey (from a mixture of both private and public organisations);
Confidence in hiring: Confidence in making hiring and investment decisions rose from net: -9 in June to net: + 4 in early July. This is the first time that hiring has been in positive state since February.
Short-term demand for permanent staff improves and medium-term remains positive: Employers intentions to hire permanent staff in the short term (over the next 3 months) continued to improve. Rising from net: +6 in June to net: +14 in early July. Whilst intentions to hire in the medium term remained positive at the same levels as in early June.
Short term demand for temporary agency workers: The sort term demand for temporary agency workers returned to positive territory from April – June.
Employers reducing hours: The amount of employers that reduced hours in the year to April – June increased to 27%, which was up from just 12% in the year January – March.
Fewer businesses with little/no spare capacity: In early July approximately 66% of employers have reported having little or no surplus capacity in their workforce. This was down from 75% in early June.
More employers making redundancies: The percentage of employers who made redundancies in the year to July was 17%.
Source: *Information obtained from the REC
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