Retaining key employees and top talent is critical to the health of your organization and is a top concern from many in leadership, with good reason. Failing to keep these key employees can be costly in many ways.

Here are a few reminders of what you can be doing;


Onboarding really starts from the first moment the candidate has any interaction with your organization, not just from day one of their employment with you. Find ways to engage with new employees through every step of the process – find ways that makes your organization stand out from the crowd.


Be sure that your employees know what the expectations are, you can even involve them in this conversation – provide clarity on these expectations and provide feedback on a regular basis.

Develop talents and skills

Motivated employees will want to contribute to work areas outside of their specific job role – take the time to understand and learn what their strengths and past experiences have been. Provide a platform for your team to share and be involved – you may be surprised what you will learn.

Be flexible

Will your business allow your staff to work flexible hours or perhaps work from home occasionally or even frequently? Trusting that the individual will get the work done and often overachieve as a result. With the changing times we are currently living in, this is likely to be the way of work for the future.

Be open

Be open and listen to their new ideas or concerns – make sure you really listen. Allow them to be involved or even take control of the idea or suggestion for change and implement it themselves. By having open communication management and leaders can help to create a sense of community and shared purpose.

Make them feel appreciated

In addition to any bonuses, gifts and other monetary rewards ensuring they are offered the right benefits – remember that personally saying thank you for a job well done goes a long way.

Above all keep communication high

Find out from your employees what motivates them and how this changes overtime. Don’t wait until the exit interview to find out what you could have been doing better.

It’s a challenging time right now for both employers and employees but by keeping communication high you will help to keep your people engaged and motivated to find ways to navigate through these changing times.

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