How to Prepare for Common Interview Questions

The most common types of questions in a job interview are behavioural questions, the “why” questions, and hypothetical questions. The easiest way to prepare for these is to have real-world examples that demonstrate your strengths.

How to prepare for an interview in the best way possible?

In preparing for an interview, you should have at least three to five examples ready at any time that illustrate your strengths. These must be real-world examples of times that you demonstrated your strengths.

Having to answer difficult interview questions is common for job seekers. Some employers may test applicants by asking questions that are meant to throw them off balance. It is crucial to be prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills before the actual interview takes place.

While many people get nervous about answering questions, it is best to relax and remain calm during the interview. Prepare in advance what you will say in response to likely questions, so you can respond calmly and effectively when they are asked.

Different Types of Interview Questions
When preparing for a job interview, take some time to consider how it will be conducted and what kinds of questions you can expect to be asked. There are several different types of questions that may be asked in interviews, including:

Behavioral – this kind of question ask about past experiences and how they have shaped your way of thinking.

Roleplay – in this type of question, the interviewer gives you a hypothetical scenario and asks you how you would handle it.

Simulation – this type of question relates to a work situation that may be difficult or unusual.

Situational – this type of question asks how you would react if a particular situation were to arise at work, such as a conflict between co-workers or a tight deadline.

What to avoid while preparing for an interview

One of the most common mistakes people make when interviewing for a job is to prepare for the interview itself instead of preparing for the job.

You can ask no good questions at an interview that will tell you whether you will like the job. There are, however, many wrong questions you can ask at an interview that will say to the employer that you will not like the job.

It’s essential to have a good answer ready when they ask you a question like: “Tell us about a time when you demonstrated leadership.” You don’t want to say, “I’m a leader,” or give some other vague answer. At best, this type of answer will earn you a polite dismissal from the hiring manager. At worst, it will make you look like someone who makes things up as they go along.

Wrapping Up

There are several questions that most interviewers ask at least some of the time. These include questions about your education, career goals, and what you know about the company. You will be expected to have well-rehearsed answers to these questions. The more you do before the interview to research the company, the better you will answer them.