Temporary work adds value for so many people and employers. No matter what your personal circumstances are, you can make temporary work fit around you and your lifestyle as this way of working becomes more popular and provides more benefits and rights than many people commonly assume.

Could temping be for you?

New Skills – A temporary role may offer you the opportunity to learn new skills or gain experience in a career/job role that you want to explore further

Income – It may just be a stop gap between employment, but it provides an income stream whilst you look for your long-term opportunity

Flexibility – although it can be a bit nerve racking not having a fixed or permanent contract, but so can commitment. Perhaps you have been made redundant or let go from your job due to the pandemic? looking to change career paths? Want work to fit around other commitments? Looking for your first job after education? Then temporary work could be for you.

Networking – It can sometimes open the door up to a permanent job and/or allow you the opportunity to develop relationships within a company that may have been a struggle to be seen/heard for a permanent position. Networking is important and as the saying goes, sometimes “it’s not what you know. But who you know.”

Adapting to change – Carrying out temporary work can make you much better at dealing with change, and quickly!

A foot in the door – If you are looking to get into a competitive industry where many people are applying for the same job, a temporary job could really give you that very important foot in the door.

More rights than you might think – As a temporary worker you still have rights and are entitled to many of the same benefits as your permanent colleagues such as your working conditions and collective facilities. Not only this but after 12 weeks, in line with the Agency Workers Directive, you will have the right to equal treatment in a given job – this means receiving the same amount of pay as a permanent member of staff carrying out the same job as you, holiday entitlement to match the company’s standard holiday entitlement which may be more than the statutory you were receiving, pension auto-enrolment and more.

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