Latest Temp of the Month at Corr Recruitment

Latest Temp of the Month at Corr Recruitment

Congratulations Enrique Perez on winning Corr Recruitment’s Temp of the Month Award! Your commitment, dedication and work ethic has been recognised by the team at our Bristol Branch. Congratulations and we will pass on your winners voucher shortly.

This award has not just been given in recognition by the amazing Team at Bristol, but also the client you work for. They put you forward for the nomination due to your hard work and attention to detail. You are an awesome ambassador for Corr Recruitment, so on behalf of everyone here, Congratulations again and well done!

Welcome to Sohail to the Corr Family!

Welcome to Sohail to the Corr Family!

Another new talent joins the Corr Recruitment family!

Please say hello to Sohail…..let’s hear what he has to say about himself:
“Having completed my Business & Human Resources Management degree which has accredited me as a CIPD member, I have now joined the Basingstoke branch, whom I spent time with during my placement year. My degree and work placement experience has enable me to effectively deal with scenarios faced in my role at Corr Recruitment, from managing relationships with various stakeholders to ensuring we meet all our regulatory industry compliance standards and adhere to all employment laws. I look forward to my journey at Corr Recruitment to further utilise the skills, knowledge and experience my degree has embedded upon me.
Corr Recruitment’s Christmas Message!

Corr Recruitment’s Christmas Message!

Wow! What a Year it has Been!

Everyone at Corr Recruitment would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our amazing Clients and wish them all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Its been a challenge for everyone this year, but together we’ve done it. We are so thankful for the partnerships we have formed and no matter what lies ahead in the New Year, we will continue to support in everyway possible.

Hopefully everyone will get some time over the festive period to relax and enjoy themselves, so a Merry Christmas once again and remember we are here as always, so if you need anything please get in contact with your local branch – Need the number then click here:

Temps of the Month – Congratulations, Well Done!

Temps of the Month – Congratulations, Well Done!


Lets celebrate our 2 fantastic Temps of the Month for November….nominated by one of our amazing clients for their dedication, productivity and attitude. Well done to Petru and Leo, congratulations and enjoy spending your vouchers, which will be presented to you by our London Branch.

At Corr Recruitment it is very important to us to acknowledge our fantastic workers each month, as without you we simply could not operate! We thank you all for all your hard work and commitment given by you to help serve our fantastic clients.

1st Jan 2021: Be on Top of the New Changes for Right to Work

1st Jan 2021: Be on Top of the New Changes for Right to Work

 Right to Work checks for EU Citizens from 1 January 2021


From 1 January 2021 free movement between the UK and European Union will stop. European Economic Area and Swiss nationals who plan to come into the United Kingdom to undertake work after 31 December 2020 will be required to apply for a visa under new immigration laws. Those who came into the UK before 1 January 2021 will need to apply for settled or pre-settled status before the 30 June 2021.


  • The noticeable changes the above brings for Employers and Recruitment Agencies in terms of required Right to Work checks are as detailed below, based on the time of year? In the period between 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2021 before employing EU Nationals employers must carry out right to work checks in the same way they did before Brexit. For EU Nationals they need to check either their national identity cards or passports. During that period employers cannot demand evidence of settled or pre-settled status. According to Government guidance this might be considered, as a case of discrimination.


  • Post the 30 June 2021 for EEA and Swiss Nationals, employers will be required to obtain evidence of settled or pre-settled status or passport / National ID card along with a working visa before they can onboard a new candidate. There will be no requirement to conduct new right to work checks (i.e. checking settled or pre-settled status) for existing staff who were employed before 1 January 2021, as long as a compliant process was carried out before their engagement.


The question being raised by many employers is, if taking into account the fact that EU Nationals entering the UK after 31 December 2020 to work must have a working visa to be able to undertake any work. Then the confusion starts, as a compliant Right to Work check should be carried out by employers as they did prior to Brexit, up till 30 June 2021 (without the right to insist of seeing evidence of settled and pre-settled status)..!

How are employers supposed to know who has entered the UK pre or post 31 December 2020?

This question is still to be clarified by the Home Office and we expect the guidance to be released in December.

Temp of the Month – October Winner! #1 Temp

Temp of the Month – October Winner! #1 Temp

Congratulations to our Temp of the Month: Tony Clayton!

Read the comments from our fabulous client based in Basingstoke:

Temp of the Month: Logistics Client, Basingstoke

I don’t know if you have an employee of the month at Corr Recruitment, but if you do I would like to recommend Tony Clayton for the award.

His attention to detail and the standard of his work is exemplary.

For example it has been reported to me by one of the managers that he was on his hands and knees wiping the skirting boards in the offices, a good example of attention to detail.

He will always complete any extra tasks he is given without hesitation.

Kind Regards

Keith- Manager

Well done Tony, from all of us at Corr Recruitment!