Big Demand for HGV Drivers in the UK Comes With Big Salary Increase

Over the past few months, the UK has been facing a shortage of HGV drivers. In fact, due to tax changes, work permit issues, and Brexit, almost 14,000 HGV drivers left employment in the UK. As a result, most lorry companies have decided to increase their base salary and provide additional benefits to their current and future employees. But let’s see if the increase is significant enough to attract new drivers or if it’s too little too late.

How Significant Is the Salary Increase?

According to the BBC, most HGV drivers have seen an increase of up to 40% in their salaries. More specifically, lorry companies are now paying their employees almost £57,000 a year. Additionally, industry giants such as Waitrose are also offering joining bonuses as high as £1,000 to attract new employees.

What’s even more stunning is that now, HGV drivers are earning more than solicitors, secondary grade teachers and even architects. But that’s not all, as employers are providing other benefits, such as discounted holidays and private clubs’ member access. So, it’s safe to say that lorry drivers are finally getting their well-deserved recognition as an essential part of the UK industry.

What’s Next for HGV Drivers?

All in all, there’s no reason to think that companies won’t continue increasing their salaries over the coming months. Most experts believe that all contractors will do their best to attract even more employees. In other words, you can expect even more benefits, joining bonuses and, most importantly, further salary increases.

And, since the shortage of drivers is so substantial, the government might also push for more employee-friendly taxes and regulations. However, while nobody can predict the future, one thing is clear — things are looking bright for current and future HGV drivers.