Planning for a Christmas peak like no other…


It may only be September, but we know that many of you will have Christmas peak planning on your minds already!  Christmas 2020 will be unusual as we don’t quite know what to expect after this year like no other – but we all want to make sure we are prepared as we can be to ensure the next couple of months go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are planning to hire temporary cover to support with anticipated increase in workloads, cover possible absences and self-isolation during these months, or perhaps you plan to onboard additional permanent team members – If you need the help of a reliable, independent national agency, but with local presence, reach out to the Corr Recruitment team to find out how we can support you.

Not quite sure yet?

We know it’s been an uncertain year and that might make planning for the seasonal period feel like a real challenge right now, as you’re not quite sure what labour support you will need.  Don’t worry – reach out to your local Consultant who can meet with you, discuss your concerns and be there ready and waiting for you if and when you do need our help.

Get in touch with the Corr Recruitment team