Is 2022 the best time to get a new job?

Is 2022 the best time to get a new job?

Is 2022 the best time to get a new job?

Jobs are fundamental features of anyone’s life and play a vital role in sustaining the economy. Every person dreams of getting a good-paying and respected job in society, and these aspirations can only be fulfilled if he strives to learn more consistently and harder. In recent times we have seen that the number of new jobs is decreasing day by day as machines have taken the place of humans. What we have seen is a half-truth. The backstory is much bigger. That’s why we should know the reasons why this time, 2022 is the best time to get a new job.

Wide range of new market

Earlier, the market where old employees were working was limited to production, management, and execution. But, in 2022, the information technology sector has developed magnificently and has opened new avenues for jobs. Millions of jobs are being produced day by day. These include machine repair, data handling, data interpretation, etc. Hence due to this huge range of new and young markets, one should join the lead and get a job as a fast mover.

Good Pay

Days are gone when employees were paid less than what they were expecting. Now the talent is taken care of. The deserving talent and skills are paid well, hefty money, and pay doesn’t bar them from remaining voluntarily unemployed. Keeping this factor in mind, one should immediately find a good job according to their expertise.

Brilliant Exposure

Every industry currently in the market is facing labour shortages, and that’s why they are willing to hire any suitable candidate without any delay. So, it is the right time in 2022 to get a job of your kind and a brilliant opportunity to analyse where you belong. The exposure which you will get in the market will not only motivate you but will also surely increase your self-confidence. In this way, it is highly recommended that any graduate, unemployed or underemployed person get a job in 2022.

Data Market

The data on the planet is increasing at an exceptional rate, and it is expected that the overall data stored in the servers across the world will exceed 150 Zettabytes. So, the data market has a huge opportunity because the rate at which new data is being generated doesn’t meet the demand of the required number of data scientists and data analysts. So it is better to give the data science industry a chance in 2022 because it is one of the most paid and respected sectors and has huge potential in the future.

Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of the most important fundamental pillars of modern industrial growth. Without them, everything will turn to manual work, which will be very difficult to handle in today’s time. So it would be a very good opportunity to grab a job in 2022 by studying artificial intelligence and machine learning because nearly every industry, whether in the production sector or service sector, uses it on a large scale. Getting a job here will not only pay you a lot but also increase job security.

The 5 Core Values to Attract Recruiters

The 5 Core Values to Attract Recruiters

The 5 Core Values to Attract Recruiters

Currently, businesses are growing at an exceptional rate in the market due to huge technological advancements and stiff competition. And in this hard time, attracting recruiters is one of the most difficult tasks. But it will be easy if the company has some standards of operation, some good credentialing, and ethical core values. So, here are the five most important core values to attract recruiters.

1. Good Work Ethics

Being Ethical is the most important core value needed to attract recruiters. Of course, not every person in the market is ethical because there is every type of person in this metaphysical world. Being Ethical and workaholic increases your authenticity in front of recruiters and makes you stand out from your competitors. Good work Ethics includes:
– Following the work culture.
– Accept your faults, if any.
– Take notice of any mistakes or errors done by anyone else.

These work ethics motivate others to be ethical and bring stability and order to society. It increases the productivity and profitability of the company as well. That’s why it is one of the essentials required by the recruiters.

2. Don’t tell, show them

Many people just brag about their curriculum vitae, but when it comes to the interview, they cannot prove even what they have written. So this value of showing, not telling, should be fundamentally inculcated by you to attract the recruiters. Be honest with yourself. Write only what you have done and what you can.

3. Experience

There is no substitute for experience. Knowledge is just like bricks, but it is the intrinsic experience that builds a beautiful house or bungalow. This is the same case with the recruiters. Many graduates are coming out of college without any prior work experience. If you are in college, it is better to try to get a job-oriented internship or workshop because it will increase your authenticity and give you industry experience. If you have experience, you will surely attract the recruiters.

4. Recommendations and Endorsements

Recommendations and endorsements also play a major role in getting the recruiters’ attention. This value cannot be developed in a short time; it is inculcated over some time while facing extreme hardships and challenges. If you have done any great work for other recruiters or companies and give you a letter of recommendation or endorsement, it will surely add the cherry on the top.

5. Consistency and Perseverance

Every company wants proactive and enthusiastic employees, not lazy and unwilling workers. So, this value of yours will surely get you near the recruiters. Consistency means you are regularly working. You have spent time on the work regularly and have not left the work in between. This value is very important for any business, and that’s why recruiters like it. Perseverance is also needed in one to get the eye of the recruiters because this stands you out from others.

These were the five most important values needed to be present in someone if they want to attract recruiters.

Temp Workers: Solution to Cover Covid-19 Staff Isolation in the UK

Temp Workers: Solution to Cover Covid-19 Staff Isolation in the UK

Temp Workers: Solution to Cover Covid-19 Staff Isolation in the UK

Recently, businesses and companies here in the UK have all faced employee shortages at one point or the other owing to Covid-19 isolation rules. Ensuring staff safety and following protocols is one thing, but operating with staff shortages is a whole new challenge. Fortunately, there’s a fast and accessible solution to this problem – temp workers.

Granted, hiring temp workers has its challenges, and some operations simply cannot change hands at will. But if utilized correctly, temp workers offer you the right amount of leeway for your business to adjust with changing times and fresh challenges.

How do temp workers add to your advantage? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Hiring appropriate Temp Workers


Compensate for Staff on Leave/Isolation

The first and obvious benefit is that you have the numbers to continue with daily operations. Multiple staff in isolation means more tasks and responsibilities for existing employees. This gravely affects productivity, and the risk of burn-out looms over your whittled workforce. The right temp workers allow you to avoid this altogether.

Specialization and Expertise

Gone are the days when only entry-level workers signed up as temps. Today, you can get all sorts of professionals, freelancers, and highly qualified individuals attached to temp recruitment agencies. If you scout properly, you may get temporary employees who are more proficient at their tasks than your staff who are in isolation.

Maintain or Increase Efficiency

In some cases, companies may get along fine even with some employees in isolation. But that’s only true if no new projects, deadlines, or emergency demands come up. With any unexpected events, you risk your business by not operating at optimum capacity. Temp workers can plug this hole and provide that much-needed manpower to meet extraordinary circumstances.

Potential Employees

It’s not rare for employees to find great potential in temp workers who happen to fit well into the company. Whether it’s a skill set, the addition of value, or competency at their jobs, there are multiple reasons why a temp can become a full-fledged employee.

Avoid Overstaffing

Newly hired full-time employees can become redundancies if the business is slow or projects are few. Temp workers give you the liberty to quickly find new employees or trim the numbers back down if work is less.

Closing Note

Although there are some inconveniences and obstacles in keeping temp workers, the advantages easily outweigh any perceived risks. Just make sure your company is clear on where and how to use the skill sets the temp worker offers.

With the right coordination, your business will get the much-needed assistance and expertise without the hassles of hiring new personnel from scratch. The pandemic and its protocols present growing challenges. But businesses willing to adapt, accommodate, and think out of the box will thrive even more where others fail.

2022 job market trends in the UK

2022 job market trends in the UK

2022 job market trends in the UK

Covid-19 has disrupted economies worldwide and badly affected the job scenario. However, things in the UK seem positive for 2022. As it stands, there is high employment confidence, and it looks like the trend will continue throughout the year.

Employment indicators

The best employment indicator in the UK is the Labour Market Outlook (LMO) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. It’s the most trusted source, so it’s reliable. According to the autumn LMO report 2021, different organisations in the UK took a positive step by increasing the salary, upskilling and more job opportunities. The trend continues, and experts believe there will be more job openings by the second quarter of 2022. Skilled labours are also in high demand in different sectors.

However, the pandemic and Brexit has adversely affected the economy resulting in short-staffed sectors. But that also opens up opportunities for those looking for jobs. So that’s fantastic news for people in the UK. Also, specific sectors like digital content, E-commerce and healthcare are some of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK. So the job market looks poised to benefit many people looking for jobs in 2022.

Labour Market Overview 2022

According to the Labour Market Overview, December 2021 saw 29.5 million employees in the UK. The Labour Force Survey also projected a steady rise and recovery of the labour market and decreased unemployment rates. As such, the employment rate saw an increase by 0.2 and a decline in the unemployment rate in the last three months of 2021.

Regarding job opportunities, the months between October and December 2021 saw a considerable rise, with over 1,247,000 vacancies in total. However, the pandemic still challenges some sectors, and the weekly earnings are hit the most. But overall, the job market trends in the UK looks bright, baring a few hiccups along the way.

Where to look for a job in the UK?

The best way to start looking for a job in the UK is to contact a recruitment agency. With the growing population, it’s challenging to land a job, and the Covid-19 situation has made things even worse. But don’t worry. There are ways to get jobs, and recruitment agencies are one.

So why should you go to a recruitment agency? Here are five benefits.
– Hiring is faster through a recruitment agency. So you spend less time looking for jobs, and as long as you fulfil the criteria and job recruitment skills, you can expect some good news very soon.

– Recruitment agencies have specialised staff members who know the market and different sectors of job opportunities. So you don’t have to spend hours browsing for job opportunities.

– You get to meet candidates who get selected after the screening, so you learn from them.

– The recruitment agency will also provide you with valuable information about your expertise to make better decisions with your career.

– Getting in touch with a recruitment agency exposes you to salary, hiring complexities, market trends, skills expected from you, and much more crucial for your growth.


5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency

As the demand for skilled professionals continues to grow, finding the right person for any job can prove daunting. Take advantage of a recruitment agency’s resources and expertise to ensure you hire the most qualified person for your organization.

How does a recruitment agency help in the process?

A recruitment agency will have access to more candidates than you are likely to find yourself. You will be working with an expert with experience in your industry, so their contacts will be current. An agency will also have relationships with employers, which means they can find new opportunities before they’re advertised.

The professional assistance provided by a recruitment agency is invaluable when trying to fill a position quickly. Recruiters know how to search for candidates in different ways, at different times of the year and through various methods. They understand that the perfect candidate might not be actively looking, so they will put extra effort to find them.

What are the five reasons for seeking a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies in the UK provide a valuable service to both employers and job seekers. Here are five reasons why you should use a recruitment agency:

1. It can be hard to know exactly what you need regarding staff numbers and skillsets if you run a business or charity. This is where a recruitment agency steps in and offers you expert advice on how best to fill your vacancies.

2. Recruitment agencies offer access to a broader pool of candidates than you would manage alone. This means that you can find the right employee for your business that much quicker.

3. A recruitment agency can assist with the interviewing process. They will provide you with the necessary questions before the interview to focus on taking notes rather than coming up with questions yourself.

4. When recruiting for senior-level positions, there is often a lot of interest from candidates, making it difficult to choose who to hire and who not to hire. A recruitment agency will narrow the field so that only the most suitable candidates are presented for an interview, allowing you to choose without being overwhelmed by choice.

5. Recruitment agencies will take care of all your paperwork. They’ll make sure that your candidate meets any legal requirements before starting work with you and handling any other forms/taxes, etc. This will save you time and money.

Wrapping Up

A reputable agency will conduct thorough interviews with potential candidates before presenting them to you. This allows you to focus on skill sets and experience rather than worrying whether someone is a good fit for your organization.