5 Jobs That Are in High Demand in the UK 2022

5 Jobs That Are in High Demand in the UK 2022
The UK economy is undergoing a huge staffing shortage. In particular, businesses are struggling to find the right people for many key roles. Skills shortages are particularly acute in the IT sector. For example, many businesses are struggling to recruit enough software engineers and security specialists. Meanwhile, demand for technical architects and data scientists is increasing, which creates a high level of competition. But it doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities in the UK.
Depending on your skills and the area you plan to work in, there are many high-demand jobs in the UK. As a graduate, you may have a chance to earn a good living in the country. Read on to discover the five most in-demand jobs for 2022!

Most in-demand jobs in the UK


1. Programmers and Software Developers

Average Starting Salary: £26,000

There’s a high demand for Software Developers and Programmers in the UK. According to Statista, approximately 386,900 software developers are working in the UK, and this figure does not include those who support the software industry in other roles. It is estimated that the sector is responsible for more than 10% of the advertised job vacancies in the UK, and the average salary is increasing year on year. The UK is a global hub for technology, and certain regions like Bristol and Leeds are rapidly becoming thriving tech hubs. If you want to get involved in this booming industry, you can target one of these regions.

2. Cyber Security Specialists

Average Starting Salary: £25,000

The need for cyber security professionals will never end. According to a worldwide information security workforce survey, there will be over 100,000 cyber security jobs open in the UK by 2022. By hiring more professionals, companies can protect themselves from cyberattacks and save the economy. A survey of 87 per cent of cyber security professionals found that they were satisfied with their jobs and salaries. This is encouraging news for those interested in a career in cyber security.
The cyber security industry is a growing field, with good salaries and many job opportunities. However, there is a skills shortage in the industry, so if you have some experience, you should consider taking up a new role in this area. As the cyber security industry continues to grow, companies will be competing for the best talent. There is a need for skilled workers to protect the UK’s vital infrastructure.

3. Health Services and Residential Care

Average Starting Salary: £25,000

Healthcare services are in high demand across the UK as the population continues to age. The NHS employs 1.7 million people, but this figure does not include jobs in private healthcare institutions. In addition, the UK population is projected to increase by 10 million in the next 25 years, requiring more healthcare services. The good news is that many employers will offer additional training and personal development opportunities to their employees. Interested candidates should consider applying to one of these facilities.

4. Architects

Average Starting Salary: £28,000

There is a great demand for architects in the UK. The UK has the third highest number of architects in the world, and this trend has impacted all sectors of the construction industry. The city of London is the leading contributor to architectural fee income in the UK, adding almost one-fifth to total UK construction value. The North West and East of England each contribute around one-tenth. Generally, growth in construction means an increased demand for architects and more buildings. There are numerous types of architecture jobs, from freelance roles to permanent ones. Generally, salaried positions are more common, and you may eventually work your way up to partnership or associate status. Private practice employment can vary greatly in terms of size and scope and may involve working with other professional areas as well as architecture.

5. Graphic Designers

Average Starting Salary: £18,800

A graphic designer is in high demand in the UK. Currently, the demand is higher than ever, with the number of jobs opening up every day. With the rise of the Internet, this role is becoming more sought after than ever. As a graphic designer, your salary will depend on the type of industry you’re working in. For example, you could work in the exhibition or television industry, or a smaller company. The salary will also depend on the location you live in – a London-based graphic designer may be paid higher than a Preston-based graphic designer. In addition to salary, the type of organization you work for will also affect your pay. If you work for a big brand, you’ll earn a higher salary.