2022 job market trends in the UK

Covid-19 has disrupted economies worldwide and badly affected the job scenario. However, things in the UK seem positive for 2022. As it stands, there is high employment confidence, and it looks like the trend will continue throughout the year.

Employment indicators

The best employment indicator in the UK is the Labour Market Outlook (LMO) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. It’s the most trusted source, so it’s reliable. According to the autumn LMO report 2021, different organisations in the UK took a positive step by increasing the salary, upskilling and more job opportunities. The trend continues, and experts believe there will be more job openings by the second quarter of 2022. Skilled labours are also in high demand in different sectors.

However, the pandemic and Brexit has adversely affected the economy resulting in short-staffed sectors. But that also opens up opportunities for those looking for jobs. So that’s fantastic news for people in the UK. Also, specific sectors like digital content, E-commerce and healthcare are some of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK. So the job market looks poised to benefit many people looking for jobs in 2022.

Labour Market Overview 2022

According to the Labour Market Overview, December 2021 saw 29.5 million employees in the UK. The Labour Force Survey also projected a steady rise and recovery of the labour market and decreased unemployment rates. As such, the employment rate saw an increase by 0.2 and a decline in the unemployment rate in the last three months of 2021.

Regarding job opportunities, the months between October and December 2021 saw a considerable rise, with over 1,247,000 vacancies in total. However, the pandemic still challenges some sectors, and the weekly earnings are hit the most. But overall, the job market trends in the UK looks bright, baring a few hiccups along the way.

Where to look for a job in the UK?

The best way to start looking for a job in the UK is to contact a recruitment agency. With the growing population, it’s challenging to land a job, and the Covid-19 situation has made things even worse. But don’t worry. There are ways to get jobs, and recruitment agencies are one.

So why should you go to a recruitment agency? Here are five benefits.
– Hiring is faster through a recruitment agency. So you spend less time looking for jobs, and as long as you fulfil the criteria and job recruitment skills, you can expect some good news very soon.

– Recruitment agencies have specialised staff members who know the market and different sectors of job opportunities. So you don’t have to spend hours browsing for job opportunities.

– You get to meet candidates who get selected after the screening, so you learn from them.

– The recruitment agency will also provide you with valuable information about your expertise to make better decisions with your career.

– Getting in touch with a recruitment agency exposes you to salary, hiring complexities, market trends, skills expected from you, and much more crucial for your growth.